Caring issues

Patients with life-limiting illnesses often have unstable physical conditions that require fluctuating levels of care. Even experienced carers may become frustrated from rapid changes in the patient’s condition and repeated hospital admissions.

Carer Training

At the Jockey Club Home for Hospice (JCHH), we believe that family members make for the most effective carers. Care by family members is more meaningful and promotes bonding that would serve as protective factors against abnormal grief and feelings of regret later on. We offer professional carer training (e.g. feeding skills, bedside care, transferring techniques etc.) to families that are interested in contributing to the care of their loved one.

Respite Care

Many families prefer to care for the patient at home but it is a demanding arrangement that may clash with other personal commitments. We offer residential respite services, a form of short-term in-patient stay, in which we provide temporary relief for family carers by taking over the patient’s care. Our respite services will also support and strengthen caregiving abilities, allowing family members to return home with more confidence in their care of the patient. Please let your case manager know if you require admission for this purpose.

Residential Care Plan

For patients with relatively stable conditions, a long-stay service, or residential care plan, may be appropriate to further minimize the stress and burden of their families/carers. Patients and families interested in this service should be firmly committed to a longer-term arrangement to avoid unnecessary back-and-forth transfers. Once the patient’s condition is deemed suitable, we will tailor a monthly plan based on his/her present and anticipated care needs.

A typical residential care plan includes nursing care, doctor’s ward rounds, accommodation, meals and any anticipated procedures required on a consistent basis. Medications, consumable items and some procedures are charged to the patient separately. If you wish to use our residential care plan, please indicate your preference to your JCHH case manager or clinical staff. Our coordinator will contact you with further details once your request has been approved by your attending doctor. Residential care plans are only offered to self-financed cases.

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