Fees and Charges

The Jockey Club Home for Hospice (JCHH) strives to offer transparent pricing to patients and their families. We want make sure the billing process is straightforward and hassle-free so that you can return to what is truly important – spending time with your loved one.

In general, the estimated fee and charges for one day of in-patient care at JCHH is around HK$6,000.

Room Charges

Our self-contained ensuites offer premium privacy and a spacious home-like environment for your comfort. Depending on the orientation of your room, you will be able to enjoy a breath-taking view of the Shatin Racecourse along the banks of the Shing Mun River, or look out upon our calming rooftop garden.

LocationGarden ViewRiver and Racecourse View
South Wing
(for subsidized case only)
HK$1,000 - HK$1,200 (per day) HK$1,400 - HK$1,700 (per day)
North Wing HK$1,700 - HK$1,900 (per day) HK$2,000 - HK$2,100 (per day)



  • One companion bed is included in the room charge
  • Room charge covers accommodations only; other fees (e.g. doctor, nursing care, drugs, diagnostic etc.) are not included

Common Care Item Charges

We charge according to an itemized system meaning you can find out exactly what’s on your hospital bill. Below is a price list of our common care items for your easy reference.

Nursing Procedures and ItemsUnitCharges
Doctor’s Ward Round Per Time HK$900
Bedside Care Per Day HK$580
Initial Pain Assessment Per Time HK$300
On-going Pain Assessment Per Time HK$50
Symptom Assessment Per Time HK$100
Subcutaneous / Intramuscular Injection Per Time HK$180
Administration of Private Drugs Per Day HK$200
Dressing – Simple Per Time HK$360
Dressing – Medium Per Time HK$460
Dressing – Complex Per Time HK$560
Stoma Care Per Time HK$460
Mouth Care Per Time HK$200
Rental of Oxygen Concentrator Per Day HK$300
Oxygen Concentrator Per Day HK$180
Rental of Syringe Driver Per Day HK$200
Subcutaneous Infusion Per Time HK$200
Administration of Suppository / Enema Per Time HK$180
Assisted Bath Per Time HK$250
Ripple Bed Use Per Day HK$200
Extra Patrolling Fee 8 Hours Per Shift HK$500


JCHH can provide unique care services for patients with special conditions and needs. Please contact us if you would like to know more about our charges.

Estimated Charges by Category

Accommodations per night HK$1,000 - HK$2,100*
Consultation with Resident Doctor HK$600 - HK$1,560*
Nursing Procedures HK$100 up*
Therapist / Psychologist [? PT/ OT] HK$400 up*
Medication / Test HK$150 - HK$2,000*
Meal / Miscellaneous HK$200 - HK$1,000*


Monthly Residential Care Plan

Our monthly residential care plans are tailor-made for patients who prefer and are suited for longer-term professional care. Family members can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their loved one is being looked after.

Basic CareStandard CareAdvanced Care
HK$38,000* or above HK$49,800* or above HK$69,800* or above


Other Items Charges

Medical Report Per Copy HK$1,000
Insurance Claim Form/Doctor’s Certificate Per Copy HK$300
Photocopying Service Per Page HK$5
Photocopying Service (Colour) Per Page HK$10
Facsimile Service Per Page HK$10
Facsimile Service (Overseas) Per Page HK$50
Comfortable Clothes Per Set HK$260
Mortuary Per Day HK$550


Settling Your Bill

  • Deposit: A deposit is required upon your admission and can be settled by cash, EPS, bank draft or any major credit cards. It will be refunded to you - after deductions, if any – at the end.
  • Interim Bills: During your stay, an interim bill will be issued once your outstanding balance reaches HK$50,000. We kindly request that you settle it within 1 day of receiving it.
  • Discharge: We kindly ask that you settle all outstanding accounts in full or by arranged payment before we can discharge you. Because it takes us around two hours to complete the relevant discharge documents, billing and prescriptions (if any), we thank you in advance for your patience.
  • Financial Assistance: Patients who fulfill certain criteria may be eligible for financial assistance in the form of fee reduction. Please visit HERE for more details