We seek to transform the lives of everyone in Hong Kong by advocating hospice and palliative care, and providing bereavement support services. Working in collaboration with local communities, partner organizations and the government, we offer life and death education programmes to local communities, organize hospice and palliative care trainings to health care professionals, the general public and beyond.

Influencing Beliefs and Attitudes

  • Heighten community and professional awareness on issues surrounding death, dying and bereavement.
  • Facilitate open discussion on death and dying while respecting cultural, religious and family beliefs.

Meeting Community Needs

  • Provide readily available information about facing death and end of life care options.
  • Offer comprehensive bereavement support to patients, family and carers enabling them to cope with issues of loss and grief.

Enhancing Understanding & Skills

  • Increase understanding through the on-going discussion of end of life care among health care providers.
  • Strengthen health care professional development through the provision of specialized training and support.
  • Encourage and support in end of life care research.

Advocating for best possible care

  • Collaborate with care-givers from different disciplines to enhance their practices to the care of the dying and the bereaved.
  • Help people who are dying and their families to recognize that the choice to receive quality care at the end of life as their right.
  • Work towards greater recognition in end of life care and greater access to the best possible end of life care for all.