Psycho-social-spiritual support

Living with a life-limiting condition is hard, not just on your own emotional and spiritual well-being, but on that of your family and friends as well. At the Jockey Club Home for Hospice (JCHH), we fully understand the scale of emotional stress that our patients and their families face as they navigate through the uncertainties and challenges of end-of-life. Our professional social workers, palliative care nurses and psychologist are here to support you and your family and assist with processes such as establishing care goals, shared decision-making and advance care planning.

Social work

Our social workers can provide counseling for you and your family and arrange family meetings. They can also connect you with local resources and help with practical issues such as volunteer support.

Palliative care nurses

Our nurses serve as your main contact to the rest of your health care team, which means they are the first to know about your physical and psycho-social-spiritual needs. Whether you receive palliative care in our in-patient unit or at home, our nurses will be in regular contact with you to ensure that your needs are met.

Clinical psychology

Clinical psychologists are trained to use individual formulation and evidence-based interventions to meet specific patient needs. Our psychologist has extensive experience in the palliative care field and would happily work with you and your family to address any psycho-social-spiritual issues. We offer a highly integrated service in which our psychologist would work with your JCHH team to share her findings to further enhance your care.

Pastoral care worker / Chaplain

Pastoral care workers and chaplains are trained to provide emotional and spiritual support. In palliative care, pastoral care workers and chaplains would often listen to patient and family concerns about death and dying. While pastoral care workers are typically affiliated with a particular religion, chaplains tend to be more neutral and welcome discussions about various faiths and beliefs. As a non-discriminatory and non-denominational care provider, we will always try our best to accommodate any spiritual practices that are important to you and your family.

Play therapy for children

Play therapists are trained professionals who specialize in the psychological and emotional welfare of children. When a family member falls ill, children often cannot grasp what is happening or how to cope with it. Our play therapist uses therapeutic play sessions to help children understand, process and cope with concepts of death and loss.

Bereavement counselling

Our social workers and home care nurses are trained to provide bereavement counselling for family members who have lost a loved one. If you are looking for bereavement support, we can explore the impact of your loss and help identify coping strategies to get you through this difficult time.


Volunteers play a vital role in many palliative care services. Our volunteers are carefully selected and receive special training in patient interaction and emotional support. Our volunteers would visit with patients to provide companionship through simple conversations, reading aloud or writing encouraging notes. Their presence has an added benefit of allowing caregivers a brief respite.

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